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Just look at all the extras you get!

Add up the benefits of a COLD FORMED steel building and you’ll know you made the right decision!


  • 1. Your building will be a wise investment, thanks to extremely competitive cost-of-entry pricing and long-term value.

  • 2. Your building is backed by experience and reliability that have been proven in thousands of installations.

  • 3. Your building will be designed and engineered to meet the requirements of your local building permit.

  • 4. Your kit will include stamped engineered plans for the building.

  • 5. Your kit will also include an industry-exclusive—stamped engineered plans for the foundation slab or piers, a saving of hundreds of dollars.

  • 7. You will receive everything you need for DIY construction, including construction videos you can watch on a desktop computer or even a cell phone or laptop onsite. You’ll also get detailed instruction manuals.

  • 8. You will be able to erect your building with absolutely NO welding.

  • 9. You’ll benefit from more headroom and maximum usable interior space, thanks to a clear span design that eliminates trusses. 

  • 10. You’ll have peace of mind because you’ll have no worries about wood rotting in the ground, termites or the maintenance of wood construction.

  • 11. You’ll enjoy a long usable life span with a completely recyclable structure.

  • 12. You’ll benefit from tech support while you erect your building—and attentive service if questions arise in the future.

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