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BUILD WITH Advanced Metal Buildings

1. All galvanized (G90) steel frame members

2. Cast in place, anchor bolts not required

3. Easy to assemble without heavy equipment

4. Full or partial mezzanine floor for storage or living

5. Bolt/screw together components, no welding required

6. More economical foundation (Up to 25% less

concrete than traditional metal buildings)

Unique Benefits:

1. Non-combustible and insect resistant

2. Fully engineered/stamped plans for local building codes

3. Faster installation saves time and money

4. Clear span with no posts

5. Lean-to attachments and/or interior partition walls

6. Entry doors, garage doors, windows and other accessories

7. Spans from 12’ to 80’ clear or 120’ posted by any length

(Maximum width based on snow, wind and exposure)

During Construction

Completed Building

You will notice right away that our buildings are different.  We provide galvanized frames on all of our buildings, standard.  This is a major upgrade with other manufactures which use red oxide or even bare metal frames.  For the longevity of your building you want to use quality materials that are built to last.

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