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01 Offload Materials

03 Mark and Drill Slab

05 Cut Knee Braces

07 Install Eave Purlin Brackets and all other Components on Columns

09 Complete Assembly of Portals

02 Prepare Slab

04 Lay Out First Portal

06 Cut and Install Apex Braces

08 Mark Girt and Purlin Locations on Columns & Rafters

10 Install First Columns

11 Install Eave Purlins and Sidewall Girts

12 Install X-Bracing in First Sidewall Bay

13 Install Rafters Knee Braces First Bay

15 Construct Adjacent Bays

14 Install Purlins and Roof X-Bracing

16 Install Leanto Bays

17 Install Door Framing

19 Install Wall Sheeting and Insulation

18 Install Base Angle, Rake Angle & Flybracing

20 Install Corner Trim

21 Install Leanto Roof Sheeting

22 Install Pelmet Trim, Pelmet Sheeting, and Eave Trim

23 Install Insulation and Sheeting Main Roof

24 Install Skylights

25 Install Rake Trim

26 Install Ridge Cap

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