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100' x 300' x 12' Warehouse 1:12 Roof Slope

100' x 300' x 12' Warehouse 1:12 Roof Slope

This 100 x 300 x 12' 1:12 30,000 square foot warehouse will provide an ample amount of storage or office space.   This pre-engineered metal building can be delivered fast.  Not within 3 months but within 3 weeks.  It comes with galvanized steel frames throughout and the kit includes everything you need down to the last rivet.  Even the stamped engineered plans and foundation design are included.


Roof and Wall Panels:

26GA PBR-Panel Gavlalume Roof - 25 Year Warranty

26GA PBR-Panel Light Stone Painted Walls - 45 Year Warranty


Framed openings are included in the price to add your own doors. We can provide doors as well with your building.


The building location will determine the pricing based on snow loads, wind loads and shipping costs.  Please visit our home page and enter your building size to get the most competitive pricing.


Design Information:

Building Code: 2015 IBC

Building Risk Catagory: II

Wind Speed (Ultimate): 115 MPH

Wind Exposure: C

Soil Bearing Capacity: 1500

Ground Snow Load: 0

Minimum Roof Snow Load: 0

Center Posted


Weight 114,432 LBS

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