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Man-Cave Full of Toys

Man-Cave Full of Toys

A man-cave full of toys in the Redwoods of North West CA. The gable building is 40' wide x 73' long x 19' tall with overhangs on all sides. A 47' long mezzanine floor provides the space for the game room, man-cave or even living space. Downstairs is for the classic cars as well as an RV and a boat with 2 larger doors on the left hand end.


This building is our most popular and has the most clicks than any of our buildings.  That is because it isn’t just a square box but a highly functional building that can serve many purposes for years to come.


Building Weight 32,244


Framed openings are included in the price to add your own doors. We can provide doors as well with your building.


Engineering: 2018 IBC

Building Risk Category: II

Wind Speed (Ultimate): 108 MPH

Wind Exposure: C

Soil Bearing Capacity: 1500

Ground Snow Load: 0 PSF

Roof Snow Load: 0 PSF


Depending on your location the price could vary based on your local winds/snow loads, building codes and freight.  Price does not include freight or tax.

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