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The Texas Barndominium - Steel Home 2,400 Sqft

The Texas Barndominium - Steel Home 2,400 Sqft

A metal building gambrel home is a wise investment and costs a fraction of a conventional home. With the Galvanized structural frames and 26 gauge metal roof and wall panels with a 45 year warranty, this building is designed to withstand any snow or wind load with engineered stamped drawings provided. We can provide a quote based on your exact size requirements and options too.


For all those home builders out there, here is a 30x40 wide Gambrel Texas Barndominium with a second floor mezzanine that doubles the useable space being used as a home. An open lean-to on one side for parking the truck and a boat as well. Including gutters and downspouts with 24" overhangs.  This home is designed and delivered within three weeks of your order.  The next big thing has arrived!  Low cost, high quality housing has just been reinvented. 


Building Weight: 14,671 LBS


Framed openings are included in the price to add your own doors. We can provide doors as well with your building.


Engineering: 2018 IBC

Building Risk Category: II

Wind Speed (Ultimate): 108 MPH

Wind Exposure: C

Soil Bearing Capacity: 1500

Ground Snow Load: 0 PSF

Roof Snow Load: 0 PSF


Depending on your location the price could vary based on your local winds/snow loads, building codes and freight.

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